Shehnaaz Gill breaks silence about her journey with Sidharth Shukla in a recent conversation

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Published by Shafali Nagar on 05 Jan 2022

Bigg Boss fame Shehnaaz Gill in a recent chat with BK Shivani opened up about her journey with Sidharth Shukla and how she has coped up with his demise. Shehnaaz says that he taught her so much.

Ms. Gill shared how she always wanted to have a conversation with her and would often ask Sidharth about the same. She said, “I would often tell Sidharth that I want to talk to Sister Shivani, I like her. And he always said ‘Yes Definitely’ and then it eventually happened. Also, I always had the intention and that probably reached you in some way.”

Adding more details, Ms. Gill spoke about those whose souls have departed and said “People lose People. We should not think that we should have stayed together for more time but think that we have good times together.”

Further, she added, “God made me meet Sidharth and kept us together as friends so that he could teach me something. Also, when I go on a shoot, I would often think, Sidharth also used to shoot. Then I thought, why am I thinking like this? I thought I should perform from his side as well.”

At last, Ms. Gill spoke about her journey with Sidharth Shukla and said “our journey remains….a happy ending is certain…our journey is still going on.”

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