Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera in service for Mike Tyson as he visits India

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 28 Sep 2018

Mike Tyson, who doesn’t know this popular former professional American boxer who could chew off the ear of his opponents in the ring, is in India. Being a well-known boxer and a celeb, there was a lot of rush at the Mumbai airport by the fans to see Mike Tyson. And guess who was responsible for saving Tyson from the fans? It was none other than Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera. We have pictures were you can see Shera doing a fine job in securing the American boxer from his fans. Being Bhai’s bodyguard, Shera has always been the best at his work as we all know.

We share the pictures of Shera in this post where you can see him struggling and trying his best to keep the fans away from the boxer.

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In a talk with Shera by Mumbai Mirror he said, “This is Mike Tyson’s first trip to India and we are going to make sure he is comfortable. I’m personally taking care of him and will be stationed at his hotel in suburban Mumbai through the duration of his stay. We have done a recce of all the places he will be travelling too, including a mall, the location of his dinner with a select group and the after party.”

There are no doubts on Shera as he has planned and figured everything out.

This is not the first time where we see Shera in his service for international celebrities. He has handled Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton, and Justin Bieber who last year came to India at his maiden concert.

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On a question asked to him about Bhai’s security Shera said, “I took his permission before taking this responsibility. I work exclusively for him and Bhai is always my first priority. I spoke to him and he gave me a go-ahead as he isn’t shooting for a film then and will be busy with his (reality show) Bigg Boss so it is manageable,” said Shera.

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This means Shera would do his best to protect and keep Salman Khan safe and sound for his fans and loved ones. He also mentioned of the permission taken beforehand from Bhai to go ahead and be the bodyguard for Mike Tyson when in Mumbai. Looks like Shera is really concerned for the most loved celeb Salman Khan.

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