Shilpa Shetty shares her secret drink to survive the summer heat and to lose weight

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It is summer and it is extremely hot out there which calls for a variety of drinks and dessert which are cool and relaxing.  Agrees to this fact, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who took to Instagram to share a refreshing Solkadi Slushy, which contains cool and refreshing ingredients that can even increase weight loss. A drink that is popular in the coastal region of India like,  Goa and Konkan. Solkadi Slushy has kokum and coconut milk as its primary ingredients. This Solkadi slushy can be a great addition to your weight loss diet if you are following any as it is low in calories and is refreshing and cool. It even solves indigestion problems if you are facing any.

She shared an Igtv video on her page on how she prefers to make it. To increase the weight loss and to impress the female audience. With the video she wrote, “It’s summertime and this calls for a super amazing cooler. So, today I am making a Solkadi Slushy – my special twist! This is a famous drink from Maharashtra’s Konkan region which is made from Kokum or Aamsol and coconut milk. Solkadi is a great cooling agent and helps improve digestion as well. Sip this delicious slushy and enjoy your summers! Hope you all like it.” Shilpa Shetty even runs a campaign called “Swasth Raho Mast Raho” and all of the work that she does comes under the campaign.

To make the Slush for yourself you have to follow general steps. All you have to do is you need to soak kokum in slightly warm water for around 3-4 hours then add soaked kokum (3 and a half tbsp) in a blender, make sure to take the seeds out. Add around 4 tbsp of kokum water and some chopped garlic (1/2 tsp). Add 1 small green chili to the ingredients and then pour some water into the blender. Blend all these ingredients well. Then, take a cheesecloth and strainer, strain the kokum mixture into coconut milk (1 cup). Add salt according to the taste and Mix all the ingredients. Crush some ice cubes and add them to serving glasses. Present the mixture with mint and coriander leaves. This drink has 165 Kcal per glass according to Shilpa Shetty.


Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 09 May 2019

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