While Shilpa-Vikas Makes An Exit From BB12, Jaleen-Anup Are Still A Major Topic Of Discussion

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Published by Isha Kataria on 01 Nov 2018

The famous reality show, Bigg Boss has made the last weekend very surprising. The vichitra jodi of the house has been separated as Anup Jalota has been evicted from the house. Since their entry in the show both of them are in the headlines.

The Jodi was the most unique Jodi of this season. On the premiere night, of Bigg Boss, the Jodi have made a surprising revelation of their romantic relationship. They accepted that they have been dating secretly for more than three years. Whereas when they lived in the house there were no sure signs that they are true lovers. But the duo somehow shares a cute chemistry which was seen almost everytime.

But after Anup Jalota’s eviction, the story turned its way as he has denied any kind of love affair or love relationship with Jasleen. His interviews after coming out of the house tell us a different story. He told that he and Jasleen share a musical relationship which is a teacher-student relationship.

Coming out of the house Anup Jalota also revealed that Jasleen lied in front of Salman Khan that they have been dating for 3 years. He said that the picture will get a clear justification when Jasleen will come out of the house and tell why she made such a confession.

On Tuesday, Anup Jalota attended a press conference with Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu where he told the reporters that he and Jasleen only share a Guru-Shishya relationship. He quoted, “Jasleen told me that she had been offered Bigg Boss. And since she will have to enter the show as a vichitra jodi, she asked me to come along. she also asked her father to convince me. although I was skeptical, I decided to go ahead as a guru-shishya jodi. We are vichitra, as I am quite old-school while Jasleen is today’s modern girl. so, I thought that would suffice.”

He further added, “A week before the launch, she was kept in the house arrest by the Big boss team. We met only on the stage in front of Salman Khan on the premiere night. and there, she said that we are in a relationship. I was completely taken aback. even our families were shocked outside. But I decided to play along as I didn’t want to confront Jasleen on national television. I thought that we will talk about it after the game. This is why I called a press conference today to clarify my stand and tell the truth to the world.”

With a shocking conclusion, he stated, “I have told Kesar that please invite me to Jasleen’s wedding. We will do the Kanyadaan together. And I am happy that he is agreed.”

After Anup’s eviction, Jasleen has been upset and having sleepless nights over missing him. After what Anup has said to the media coming outside the house was a bit surprising for all the viewers. Therefore when Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta entered the show as a guest, Shilpa confronted Jasleen over her affair with Anup. She revealed to Jasleen about what statements Anup Ji is giving outside the house. She told her that he is telling everyone that it’s only a musical relationship between them. Jasleen on the other side is seen disturbed and outside listening to the outside scenario.

The guest entry of Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde brought a new energy and excitement in the Bigg Boss 12 house. As it is Diwali Big Boss is really up to something that will lighten up the contestant’s lives.

Shipla Shinde is the ex-contestant and winner of the previous season.Whereas Vikas Gupta was in the top 3 finalists in the same season.


So it started with a task BB Gaon Ki Rangoli Pratyogita.The first round of the Pratyogita was won by Gupta Parivaar. Romil Choudhary on the other hand confessed to Shilpa that she was rightly given the title of a mother in the previous season.


As we all know that Sreesanth loses his temper in all the tasks. So in this task also he was angry over Vikas’s attitude. They  two had a major fight. As a conclusion, Sreesanth changed his team but didn’t stop  his harsh commenting during the whole game.




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