Short Love & Care-Filled Video Of Lion Lovingly Patting A Duck Melts Hearts Online

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 26 Mar 2021

The majority of people have an opinion about lions and tigers that they are violent animals who are always in the search of prey. But recently, a video recording has shared by Indian Forest Official Susanta Nanda will possibly smash that idea. In the delightful excerpt posted by Nanda, one can witness a lion fondly pat a duck in a pool.

From the appearances, it also appears that lion is attempting to assist the bird who has reached the dead-end of the water body. In a part of the caption, the Indian Forest Service official has stated that a lion is a wild animal but is not savage in nature.

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He also penned that the big cat only hunts to stay alive and hits when incited. The short affection and care-filled video recording has already been enjoyed more than 10 thousand times.

Since being shared online, the video has received mixed reactions from the netizens. Some people have echoed the sentiments of the officer while a bunch of them opined that after petting the tiny animal, the lion would have eaten it.

A person who seemed to be confused about what to interpret from the video stated, “Looks darn cute but not sure what happens next! Love the cat paws whether it’s big or small.”

A lot of people also compared between humans and the big cat. Most of them said how wild animals are so much better than humans. Here is a look at some of the reactions:

In the meantime, another positive video recording showcasing love between animals has been turning viral all over the web. In the excerpt, one can witness a cute white parrot saying ‘I love you’ after being introduced to a cute little black puppy. The video recording also features how affectionately the bird is patting its new furry pal using its leg.

The Instagram post got posted by an animal lover named Wendy Marie. This cutesy make-your-day kind of a excerpt has already reached the 12.5 million mark on TikTok.

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