‘Shouting Is Not Singing’: Fans demand removal of Mohammad Danish and Shanmukha Priya from Indian Idol 12

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 17 May 2021

Indian Idol 12 is one of the most popular television series in India. The new season is quite popular with viewers, and it frequently leads the TRP list. Last week, the program commemorated the Eid holiday and the culmination of 50 episodes. During this period, participants put on a fantastic performance that captivated the judges’ hearts. The show has been buzzing on social media for a good cause as well as a cause that will catch you off guard.

Several individuals on social media are outraged, requesting that two participants get removed from the season. You might wonder who I’m talking about. These two candidates are Mohammad Danish and Shanmukha Priya, two vocalists. Following the incident, several people rushed to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the singers.  While many have said that Shamukha Priya only performs songs from one genre and has little knowledge of other genres, fans feel Danish is always trying a bit too hard for every episode.

According to one Twitter user, “Organisers please stop this Danish and Shanmukhpriya shouting in all the songs.. It is irritating, and unbearable. They kill essence of the song and make mockery of it.. Especially Danish shouts in every songs.. That’s not singing #IndianIdol2021.”

Replying to the tweet, one wrote, “So true, u don’t have to put ur variation in all songs.. it ruins the song.”

Himesh Reshammiya and Neha Kakkar have been mocked a lot a few days ago for disrespecting the songs of a famous vocalist, Kishore Kumar. Amit Kumar, Kishore Kumar’s son and a guest on the special episode, subsequently stated that he is aware of the backlash to the broadcast and that he was instructed to applaud everyone, irrespective of their performance. He went on to say that he didn’t enjoy the show.

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