Actress Shreya Patel helps families to build crumbled houses by raising funds

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 02 May 2021

India’s increasing cases of COVID-19 and a call for a state of emergency have affected the whole nation, especially the most vulnerable individuals who don’t have the privilege of having a home or isolating to keep themselves safe. During this time, actress and director Shreya Patel came forward to help a family rebuild their crumbled house by raising funds.


Shreya Patel started a fundraising appeal on for a family who lost their home and were forced to start living on the streets. She wrote a note with the fundraising appeal, ”India’s COVID-19 cases are increasing like crazy and during this time, I need your help in helping my house help name Pramod to rebuild his home during this major crisis and emergency. He is from a small village called Milki Tola and his entire small home which is like a brick hut (see video and photos attached) crumbled down due to strong winds and his wife and son survived only because they went to get groceries.”

Shreya pledged to raise half the amount needed to build Pramod’s home so he can get started in building his house as soon as possible and in her note she further said, “The cost to rebuild his entire home is coming up to around $2000. The first step is to buy and order the supplies and that’s coming up around $620. I am doing this fundraiser to at least help him get started on this rebuilding. This is a bit urgent. I am asking people to donate whatever they can, even if it is $5, and trust that every single penny will go towards Pramod and his family. No pressure either! I know the times are hard for everyone so if you can’t help, that’s completely understandable. Please keep him and his family in prayers”. She even shared photos and videos of the situation to show the depth of their sorrows.

She managed to raise 139% more funds than initially expected. She has over 20 backers from around the world making this campaign successful.

Till date, Shreya have managed to raise $1395.00 (Rs. 84,072) for the family.

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