Shreya Patel takes over internet with her on the street “aerial” moves

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Published by Nitisha Das on 21 Apr 2021

Dance, a form of art consisting of sequential movements to the rhythm! While others value it as a source of entertainment and enjoyment, Shreya Patel treats the form of expression as a therapy. An Indo-Canadian actress and mental health advocate reaches out to this expressional form of art as a getaway from reality.

The woman who led the world of entertainment with her memorable performances in “Vivid” and “The Longest Dawn” is all taking down the internet with her swift dance moves showcasing her true nature of expressing oneself. Shreya is an outburst of feelings and talent which is briefly noticeable through her body movements and fluidity.

Her Jazz and Ballet moves are taking over social media creating havoc among her fans and followers. While the world is busy fighting the pandemic, Shreya is entertaining the world reminding them of the worth of self-love through motion. The world is our stage and we are all actors dancing to the rhythm of the universe and for Shreya, beautifully carved street corners serve as her stage witnessing her magical flow.

The fascination, infatuation, and serenity that Shreya brings to her dance is a sheer gift of knowledge and understanding one’s body. We all need an escapade to leave the world finding our own time to bring peace to our tangled mind soothing the wretched soul. However, the fascinating way Shreya makes us look at her is everything to ponder upon.

Shreya Patel is currently training in aerial art with The Toronto School of Circus Arts bringing more edge and diversity to her inborn talent.

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