Sidhant Chaturvedi to Deepika Padukone, 4 times when ‘SAVAGE’ comebacks of actors shut down the media

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Published by Ruchika Gaurav on 03 May 2021

Where people might come to the conclusion that the toughest job for actors is to immerse themselves into the characters on a convincing and consistent basis. The rise of independent media due to the emergence of the internet and social media has led to the roles of these actors extending a bit further than the movies they feature in. From brand endorsements and promotions, now actors are interacting with the media almost every week even if their movies are not coming out. This often leads to quite a lot of banter, arguments and actors having to address some really sticky situations. However, this piece is going to focus on when actors went no hole’s bard all guns breezing presenting how it really is. “The unabashed. So here we are with 4 savage comebacks of actors that shut down reporters.  


Deepika Padukone    

When Deepika was promoting with Meghana Gulzar and Laxmi Agrawal was promoting her film Chhapaak, a journalist asks the sexiest question about her producing the film and how more or less it’s Ranveer Singh’s movie as well because you know a woman has no capability of living and investing her money wherever she wants.  The actress had a very fitting reply to the bizarre question. She replied, “Excuse me, who told you this, it’s my money which I have earned with blood, sweat and tears.


Kangana Ranaut   

  One thing that cannot be denied about the Thalaivi is that she is the lone wolf in the industry. One of the outliers that have proven even if you don’t vibe with the big names of the industry and an extremely vocal about this you can still survive and even if you thrive you can prove yourself from films. It’s pretty clear in the news that Ranaut had her fair share of problems with the creators as well as actors. In an interview with Rajeev Masand,  Kangana had a very apt reply to the question being asked about the hospitality shown by the celebrities, she quoted what a Prasoon Josi told her which reads, “Kangana mediocrity is always going to be threatened by Talent. There’s nothing that mediocrity fears more than talent.”  

Photo credit-CNNNews18

Rajkummar Rao  

If you want to see an interaction between two people of the industry that are poles apart from each other in terms of thinking and perception of Hindi cinema and its content. Then Rajkummar Rao and Farah Khan sitting together for the Film companion segment of Tape Cast is exactly that. The segment is designed so that both guests can each other questions at alternate turns. At one time Rajkummar asked Farah what is her Indie or Independent Hindi Film and she said English Vinglish. Baffled by the answer Rajkummar replies and second? Avatar?  



Sidhant Chaturvedi    

The new comer’s round table of 2019 was eventful and exciting. It presented a new set of faces that are going to be potential stars in the future. And like always the topic of nepotism was brought up. There were two-star kids; Ananya Pandey and Abhimanyu Desani who presented their case how it was tough for them to prove themselves where the discussion took a sharp turn and showcases not only ignorance but also recked up privilege was when Ananya Pandey spoke about her struggle of making a mark in the industry. She stated that her father never went on Koffee with Karan, so it isn’t that easy. So, my jaw dropped thinking about the most iconic mic-drop moment when 2019 Gully Boy fame Sidhant Chaturvedi pretty much summed up the star kids and outsiders. Sidhant quoted, “difference yahi h ki jahan hamare sapne pure hote hainwahan inka struggle shuru hota hai.’ 

Photo credit-CNNNews18


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