Simply scan your face and check-in, Alibaba opens their first Future Hotel in China

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Published by Shifa Naz on 19 Dec 2018

When many of us are stuck with the technology, China has reached another level of it. According to the state media reports, the tech giant Alibaba group on this Tuesday opened its first ever hi-tech hotel in Hangzhou where the customers can simply scan their faces and take entry at the hotel.

The hi-tech hotel named FlyZoo Hangzhou, in the capital of east China’s Zhejiang Province is the same place where Alibaba has its headquarters known as the company’s first “future hotel”. Guests can make their entry by scanning their face…isn’t it exciting folks.

Xinhua the Chinese news agency reported, “The facial recognition system installed in the hotel also enables customers to use their faces as key cards to open doors and access other hotel services, with their smiling faces.”

Other services include controlling the lights, televisions, and curtains in the room through hi-tech Alibaba’s voice-activated digital assistant, and additionally, intelligent robots are there to serve dishes, cocktails, and coffee. The mobile application also comes in the picture, with a few clicks hotel bookings and check-out can be done.

The CEO of FlyZoo Hotel, Wang Qun,  said in his statement, “The AI-based solution can help customers save time and relieve hotel employees from repetitive work.”

He also said, “The new AI system will help to improve the management efficiency of the hotel which can be achieved by reducing the labor force.”

“We want to install a ‘smart brain’ for hotels,” said Wang. “In the future, we will continue to make hotels smarter and more automated, as well as create more customized experiences for consumers,” the CEO added.


Well, the report said, this hotel is the latest example of Chinese tech companies’ foray into traditional industries such as the hospitality sector, E-commerce giant announced in October its strategy to put smart home and electronic devices sold on its platform into hotels, to enhance the influence of online sales.


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