Smriti Khanna shares an adorable video of her pooch Lucas on his first birthday

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As much as we refrain from accepting it, but ever since our childhood, we all have thought about our dream family, right from the perfect partner, two cute babies and one furry friend, a house that overlooks the beach and the whole family playing in the beach with the furry friend.

The dream family is something everyone thinks about. But, just the some of us are lucky enough to find the partner with whom we want to spend rest of our lives with. And it’s even more difficult to find a partner who understands how important the idea of family is to us.

Television actress Smriti Khanna was lucky enough to find both the conditions in one person when she fell in love with Gautam Gupta. And thus, when she tied the knot with him, she made sure to nurture a fur baby and achieve her idea of dream family.

Both Smriti and Gautam keep giving us glimpses of their beautiful family through their social media handles. Recently, on September 17, 2020, Smriti Khanna shared a video on her Instagram handle. The video was a compilation of all the beautiful moments of actress’s pooch Lucas.

The reason she posted this video was that her adorable fur baby had turned a year old. She posted this video with a caption thanking her pet pooch for coming into her life. The video has all the adorable moments of the family with pooch, and it leaves you in awe.

Smriti Khanna got married with the love of her life and co-star Gautam Gupta on November 23, 2017. After three years of marital bliss, the couple was gifted with their baby girl on April 15, 2020. The couple embraced their parenting side for the first time when they welcomed their pooch, Lucas to the family. Every now and then we see them sharing pictures and video of their baby girl with their fur baby Lucas, and they are all just adorable.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 18 Sep 2020

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