Sofia Hayat whists back to the alleged troll of affair with Abhinav Shukla

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 26 Jun 2021

Sofia Hayat, Bigg Boss contestant recently responded to the accusation against her to sleep with the television actor Abhinav Shukla. The troll warns ‘legal action’ against both. Sofia, who makes a long post explaining the situation also claims not to have any idea about who Abhinav Shukla is,  ‘until I googled him’.

A screenshot of a DM on Instagram, Sofia posted which reads as “I know everything between you and ABHINAV Shukla… He also used you for sexual purpose… I’m going to take legal action against u and ur one night stand wala partner ABHINAV SHUKLA…. I pray everyday you and your parents will die soon.”

Posting the same Sofia notes along in caption,  “Someone sent me this message. It was my mistake. I don’t check my DMs usually. But she started off saying she desperately needed help. After a few minutes I realised she was a liar so I had blocked her. She made another account and sent this message! No one should ever be afraid of people like this. Trolls and bullies have an inner sadness that they inflict upon others.”

She continues, “I understand energy and know that it is their energy and not mine, so when I get a message like this, I feel sorry for someone with such sadness and hatred for themselves and can only hope they work on themselves to release this pain instead of hurting others. But then, I don’t get hurt, because I am not invested in this person. Bullies cannot hurt you when you know, their bullying is an inner reflection of their own state of mind. I send you love and blessings. May your heart and mind be clear. If not..I’m having a wonderful life and day 🙂 The next video explains my relationship with Abhinav Shukla. Namaste Shalom Salaam Satnam Mother Sofia Hayat,”

Moreover, she also made an explanatory video on her relation with Abhinav, captions, “My relationship with Abhinav Shukla.” In the video, she said, “I’m very shocked that someone can send me such messages. I’ve never met him, nor worked with him and we aren’t even friends but I have been accused…I’ve never even spoken to him. I didn’t know who Abhinav Shukla is until I googled him…Just to tell you that it’s not true.”

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