Sona Mohapatra claims to have gotten raped and received death threats for criticising Salman Khan. ‘Went through the most hideous trolling’

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 23 Jun 2022

Sona Mohapatra said she received rape threats after criticizing star Salman Khan’s “misogyny and remarks.” Sona has lashed out against Salman for criticizing Priyanka Chopra for leaving his film, Bharat.

Salman had previously stated that Priyanka had left the “biggest film of her career” to marry singer-actor Nick Jonas. “Normally, women leave their spouses for this,” he stated in 2019. @priyankachopra has better things to do in life; real men to hang out with; and more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey. ” Sona said.

Sona told ETimes, “I had gone through the most hideous trolling, with death threats and actually shit being brought in dabbas (lunch boxes) at my studio since I had called out Salman Khan for his sexism and statements.” My words had gone viral.” She went on to say that it lasted two months and that the Minister of Women and Child Welfare had to begin a campaign to improve the internet safety of women and children. Sona also described having her photos changed and receiving ‘gang rape threats.’

“It was terrible. Then we realized it was a consolidated digital army comprised of more than simply fans. It scares even more women away from using the internet. It had been planned. There were a lot of hired bots in this entire game. I resolved to face it straight on, which was disastrous for my family. It was exhausting, and when Ram (Sampath, the musician, and her husband) returned to the studio, I was sobbing on my couch. There are a lot of swollen faces in my documentary, Shut Up Sona, since coping with continuous trolling and criticism was difficult. It’s certainly not something I like. But it’s still worthwhile to go through because it gradually changes the discussions,” Sona stated.

Previously, Sona criticized Salman for comparing himself to a ‘raped’ woman when expressing how he felt following the grueling Sultan shoot. She criticized him again last year when he asked his supporters to support Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans and family.

Sona is preparing for the release of her documentary, Shut up Sona. It will be available on ZEE5 on July 1. Sona recently shared a trailer from the documentary on Instagram, saying, “#ShutUpSona is an unapologetic story of me refusing to SHUT UP and a #loveletter to a country which is sometimes uncomfortable with my voice. This film is also a window into the Indian music ecosystem and its politics apart from being a showcase of my musical roots and inspirations. This is my call out to my sisterhood to own their own narrative and one to the brotherhood to become better allies.”

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