Sonali Kulkarni finally opens up about her experience of a Mother to Salman Khan

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Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat, which features Salman Khan, and Katrina Kaif in the lead might have set the box-office on fire and impressed a lot of viewers, but there are quite a movie lovers who have been criticizing the film for this one aspect. The aspect in reference is the fact that Sonali Kulkarni, who is 44 years old, played the role of a mother to the 53-year-old Salman.

Apart from the talks about the age difference between the two, the social media users also think that the women actors being treated unfairly in the industry and being cast in roles they are not fit for. Reacting all these criticisms, Sonali Kulkarni opened up about playing mother to Salman in an interview with Hindustan Times and actually shared that it was her decision and she stands proudly by that. Sonali also told that she has also played mother to Hrithik Roshan in Mission Kashmir back in the year 2000.

Sonali Kulkarni said, “My roles are my choice. I have to stand by my choice proudly, which I do. I am touched with the audience’s and critics’ observation. But I also played Hrithik adoptive mom in Mission Kashmir back in 2000. People will definitely comment, and they are right. But it’s not like every time it comes out of criticism, it sometimes, comes out of concern also.”

The actor also shared that while the comments are made on the concern and not meant for criticism, she’d never talk negatively about her work and be grateful to every opportunity that will come her way.

“At times, people say regional cinema has offered me more variety than Hindi commercial cinema, which I agree with. But I wouldn’t like to say, ‘How I wish Hindi cinema gave me this or that’. I am very grateful for the work that I am getting,” Sonali told the entertainment publication during the interview.

Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 12 Jun 2019

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