Sonam Kapoor gushed about sister Rhea and Karan Boolani’s relationship

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Published by Isha Kataria on 01 Feb 2019

Last year on May 8, Sonam Kapoor got hitched to Anand Ahuja. The pictures of their wedding broke the internet. The wedding also spotted her baby sister, Rhea Kapoor and her rumored boyfriend, Karan Boolani. The couple was seen attending all the significant functions together. After some time, Rhea and Karan were also found vacationing and spending some quality time in the Maldives.

Now, there are rumors that Rhea and Karan are soon going to tie their knots. A report suggests that “Karan and Rhea are in no mood to solemnize her relationship. Anil is not the kind of father who pressurizes his children for anything. Since Rhea wanted to take her time, Sonam got married first.”

The source also remarked, “Anil has already accepted Karan as part of his family. He is as close to Karan as he is to Sonam’s husband Anand. Marriage would be just a formality but one that Anil is looking forward to.”

In an interview, Sonam was asked about these reports to which she replied, “Oh, no. When she does get married, I’ll be very happy to tell you. They’ve been dating for 10 years, they’ve not gotten married yet. When the happy news is there, it’ll all be announced. But, no, they are not getting married this year.”

Speaking about his kids, father Anil Kapoor shared, “They are working in their own style. Be it Rhea as a producer/stylist or Sonam and Harsh as actors, I am happy that they know their work. They have a standing of their own. Till date, I haven’t had to make or plan a film for them. They always get work from elsewhere. It’s not as if I launched my son or daughter. Even I haven’t worked in any of my home productions till date. We have given money to others from our own pocket (smiles).”

In a recent interview, Sonam Kapoor shared an advice for all the people who wish to get married, “It is indeed a matter of great opportunity to be able to find a good partner in life, which is of utmost importance for all of us. We should never for any wrong reasons or being under any pressure or because of our increasing age [growing older] just get married hurriedly. You should wait for the right partner. Those parents who are reading this piece, I request them to not pressurize their children to get married soon or get married for whatever reasons”.

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