Soni Razdan takes to Twitter to complain about Tata Tele’s negligence

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 23 Jun 2022

Veteran actress and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s mother, Soni Razdan, recently took to her Twitter account to complain about negligence on the end of ata Teleservices’ landline service, after they kept sending requests for payments for a non-working phone.

A frustrated Soni decided to tag the Twitter account of Tata Teleservices and wrote down her complain. She tweeted about the inconvenience she has been facing due to their service, “Phone was not working 1st to 24th May. No one picks up your help line so impossible to complain. We finally mailed on 10th May. Despite that you’ve charged me for a full month. I want out!”

In another tweet, Soni decided to give proof of the requests she had made to the company to end her subscription. She shared screenshots of the e-mails that the company had sent her telling her that she has an outstanding payment due to them, along with screenshot of emails she and her team sent to Tata Tele requesting them to cancel the landline connection.

As a reply to the company demanding her to pay, she wrote, “Please note my phone was not working for a month and hence I am not paying this bill. If you as a company cannot be bothered to know when your phones were not working and have the cheek to charge the customer for a non working phone then by all means please bar my service because I’m fed up of your inefficiency and don’t wish to keep you as my service provider anymore.”

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