Sonu Sood wants ‘atleast 1000-1500 free beds in hospitals’ and ‘more scholarships for students’ on his birthday

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Published by Swathy S on 30 Jul 2021

Actor Sonu Sood is not a great admirer of birthdays but his fans are making it extra special for him. He feels humble as another temple is being built for him in Andhra Pradesh.

Sonu said, “This is a huge thing, and I’m humbled to see the love being showered by them. The movement I started, helping people, it doesn’t focus on one village or state, it’s pan India. I want to continue to making it bigger”. He also told about his idea on the new initiative “My idea is I want to make education free of cost for everyone in this country in the coming years”.

The actor has turned 48 today and has emerged as a helping figure in 2020. During the lockdown, he had helped migrant workers providing them transportation to reach back to their homes. He has also aided people through social media. Speaking about how his birthday will be spent, Sonu told that things have become bigger and more people are there who needs help.

Sonu told “I’m getting calls from different states. There are seven-eight people walking, some are on bicycles, some on bikes, who’re coming all the way to Mumbai on my birthday. Reaching out to people takes a lot of time, getting connected and then drawing an infrastructure which will help them. It’s a big challenge. I’ll make sure it happens no matter how much time it takes”.

Sharing his birthday wish for this year, he continued “To have at least 1000-1500 free beds in hospitals, and ten times more scholarships for students by my next birthday”.

The actor spoke why he doesn’t opt for big celebrations even though he was quite the opposite before. He concluded, “Then somehow I got busy. Lately, I feel very shy. There were times when for two-three years when I’d choose to be on a flight on my birthday. I feel a little embarrassed. I miss my parents more, I wish they were around. Someone who brought me into this world, they’re not there so I don’t feel like celebrating my birthdays. But I’m obviously there for my family”.

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