Sonu Sood responses saying, “Better as a common man” after Rakhi Sawant calls him next Prime Minister

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 12 May 2021

Sonu Sood is one real life hero who have been working day and night since the first wave of pandemic, last year he helped the migrant workers for getting to their native places and now he is helping people with oxygen supply, ventilator beds, vaccines and funds as well. Recently, Rakhi Sawant said that Sonu Sood should be the next Prime Minister of the country, his work and affection towards people is admirable.

Sonu Sood was seen at his apartment talking to some photographers, he came down to talk to the photo journalists as they were waiting in scorching sun for a long time. Sonu brought them some refreshing drinks, while talking one of the photographer asked his reaction on Rakhi’s statement to which he said  “Hum aam insaan ache hai bhai, aam insaan better hai (I’m better off as a common man).” He was suggested that he should try in politics too to which he replied as “Bhai log khade hai na humare, kya karenge elections mein khade ho ke? Wo apna kaam nahi hai na (My brothers are fighting elections, what will I do with the elections, that’s not my work).”

Rakhi Sawant wasn’t the first to acknowledge him as a right candidate as a Prime Minister recently Vir Das has also endorsed him the same. Vir Das’s Twitter feed was filled with similar thoughts and opinions, which said “This is a very interesting point, why can’t we all have Sonu Sood as our next Prime Minister? I think he will serve the post the best. The way he has reached out to every corner of the country. Let’s do something about this,” the other said Vir and Sonu should be the tough opposition for the government,  “Nai yaar .. aap and sonu sud be the opposition always .. designated opposition.. loudest and educated opposition .. koi to chaiye inse argue karne ke liye (We need someone to argue with him) with real facts and figures.”

Vir Das endorses Sonu Sood as a deserving Prime Minister, netizens agrees


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