Sonu Sood thinks for a Welfare Fund for wage-earners with prosperous Actors, directors, producers

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 12 Jun 2021

Sonu Sood, the actor of Bollywood comes among the front line workers to serve the needy in the COVID-19 crisis. No industry including film, found escape from the loss and existential crisis, physically and economically both. Sonu suggests some ways to help the film workers.

Considering his sire bond with the film industry he says, “Of course every human life matters. And if I had my way I wouldn’t allow a single life to be lost. Having said that, I do belong first and foremost to the film fraternity. And it causes me a lot of pain to see so many daily-wage earners from our industry suffering and jobless. We are doing our best for them. COVID-19 has claimed the livelihoods  of so many, and  our industry wasn’t spared either.”

As the industry is forwarding to be back again on the track, “So happy that the shooting is resuming. But let’s not get carried away. Let’s stick to the guidelines that will be put out. The  number  of  people  on the set should  not exceed  the  COVID-19 guideline and  I think  we should avoid intimate  scenes, at  least for now.”

He suggests some assistance, “There should be a fund for medical emergencies and for those workers who retire, prematurely or otherwise. Who would have imagined that a catastrophe like COVID-19 would fall on us so suddenly?  We should learn a  lesson from this experience. There should always be  some funds  laid aside for such  emergencies.”

Moreover, “All those actors,  producers and directors who have prospered from the film industry….why don’t they contribute regularly to a welfare fund for daily wage-earners in the film industry?. That’s the only way to survive a crisis.  Even if it is a bit late, why  can’t the  empowered financially privileged section of the industry lookout for those  in our fraternity who  are vulnerable to sudden financial  crises?”


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