Sonu Sood’s young fan breaks Television at home after seeing him being beaten up in a movie, Actor’s reaction is hilarious

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 14 Jul 2021

Sonu Sood is currebtly not less than any superman. He has proved himself as the national hero of the country by his immense support and extraordinary work for society during the times of pandemic. Sona has helped the mirgants to reach their destinations, helped the needy ones by providing beds in hospitals and oxygen cylinders and many such uncountable donations. He has also gathered a huge fan following because of his great work. A lot of fans keeps asking him with silly requests on his social media handles. Well, recently a young fan went on breaking Tv for Sonu.

Yes, a clip has been shared which is being reported that a young kid broke the TV set at his home because they were showing a movie where the actor got beaten to a plump. The young boy was angry on how could someone beat the national hero on screens who has helped so many people in the country.

A tweet was shared where this incident was explained. Also a regional news channel too covered this report. The tweet said, “A 7-year-old boy from Sangareddy, Virat, broke a television set at his house out of his love for @sonusood. In fact the actor too replied on this incident with a sarcastic note, he wrote, “Arrreee, Don’t break your TVs, His dad is going to ask me to buy a new one now”, with lots of laughing emoticons.

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