These South Actors Charge More Fees Than Bollywood Actors

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 11 Feb 2019

Bollywood actors take huge remunerations compared to any other industry actors.  With the change of time, South Indian films emerged as huge blockbusters making massive amounts at the box office.  South Indian actors are now as popular as Bollywood A-listers. The south films are being bankrolled on huge budgets.  Lately, many trends setting movies released south side which received great accolades and appreciation from all over the world.  Most of the South films made huge collections at the box office compared to Bollywood movies. You can get to know about the top South actors who charge more renumeration than Bollywood actors in this article.


After Bahubali’s tremendous huge, Prabhas became a top hero in Tollywood.  Compared to the actors of his age he charges more. He now charges RS. 20 to 25 crore, which is high compared to Ranveer Singh’s renumeration, which is RS. 10 to 15 crores.  Prabhas is now a popular face around the world. Both the series of Bahubali released worldwide and has been appreciated for the great performance by the actor.

Mahesh Babu

The Prince of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu is one of a kind actor who has got an enormous fan following.  The actor charges 20 to 25 crores for a movie.

Kamal haasan

Kamal Haasan is a wonderful actor one can see.  He got immense talent and has a huge fan base. Though he is mainly a South hero, has done many films in Bollywood too.  He charges more than Amitabh Bachchan. The actor is known for his great talent in acting. He is very professional when it comes to working.  He makes a huge amount of money with every movie. According to the sources, he charges 25-30 crores for a movie whereas Amitabh charges only 20 crores.  


Thalaiva of the world, Rajinikanth is someone who needs no introduction.  He has done hundreds of movies in different languages. All his movies do well at the box office in terms of collections irrespective of hit or flop talk.  He charges 50 to 60 crores for a movie.


The Singam actor Surya is also a wonderful actor in the South. He often comes with different concepts of movies and wins the hearts of his fans.  He also charges huge renumeration for every movie. He earns around 25 to 30 crores per movie.

Joseph Vijay

South Indian actor Joseph Vijay is also a popular actor.  Every year he delivers at least one blockbuster movie. The actor made a lot of movie with his remunerations.  He charges around 25 to 30 crores per movie.

Isn’t this remuneration amount more than enough to say that South Indian actors are as popular as Bollywood celebs?  Leave your comments on this below.

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