After splitting with Rithvik Dhanjani, Asha Negi talks about the hurtful comments she is receiving

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 16 Jun 2021

Following her breakup with Rithvik Dhanjani, actress Asha Negi opened up about the harsh remarks she has been receiving online.
Many fans were surprised by the breakup of Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani. Telly town was infested with adorable couples such as these. When they posted intimate pictures and videos of themselves, fans immediately fell in love with them as a couple. It was the previous year when they officially split, but have not revealed any details as to why they broke up.

Nonetheless, on both birthdays, they still wish each other well and continue to encourage each other on social media. While Rithvik and Asha have an amicable relationship, it appears as though some of their fans are not pleased with the state of their relationship. Asha Negi recently confirmed in an interview with India Today that after breaking up with Rithvik Dhanjani, she has been getting a lot of hate comments on social media. Rithvik’s ex-girlfriend, Asha, has had numerous instances where people still contact her and leave comments such as ‘why did you break up?’, ‘you guys were so nice together.’

“Times were good, but our lives belong to us, and we have the right to make our own decisions. Few people even consider that possibility. Your life decisions are constantly being scrutinised by other people on your head. It’s tragic that people don’t realise that, simply because we are public figures, you’re not allowed to say anything, nor are you allowed to use anything that has been said. If someone is well-known, does that mean he has no feelings? We are human beings as well, “. She additionally said, ” “Earlier, those messages and comments did affect me,” stated the Pavitra Rishta actress.

And so it has come to pass “It’s excellent. It’s all fine between us; whenever we want to talk to each other, we say or convey something. The two of them have gotten over it, and so have I. We should all move on, now that it has been over a year.”

Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi were together for over seven years.

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