Spoiler Alert: Anupama’s divorce with Vanraj is a beginning of a chapter in her life 

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 09 May 2021

Spoiler Alert!!! In the next episode of ‘Anupama’, in spite of Baa trying to convince Anupama that the divorce will affect her life and would be completely different to start a new life. Anupama and Vanraj will be visiting court and will be divorced. Signing the papers Vanraj’s emotions would be seen clearly but Anupama will remain solid as a rock and will sign the papers.

In the upcoming episode both the characters, Anupama and Vanraj will be seen visiting court to get a divorce. Vanraj will be in a state of confusion and not completely sure about ending relations with Anupama. While signing the papers he will drop the pen and will look at Anupama with love and compassion, his looks will show that he is not ready for the divorce. Ignoring the emotions Anupama will sign the papers first and leaves Vanraj for his decision to make. Vanraj following Anupama will sign the divorce papers and finally, the duo will be separated.

Outside the office, the duo will be seen talking to each other where Anupama will give her ‘Mangalsutra’ back to Vanraj saying that this will be just a thread ahead from now as their relationship ends here. Baa has been trying to convince her about not having a divorce as things will be more complicated, and Anupama is also suffering from an ovary tumour.

Anupama played by Rupali Ganguly took to her Instagram and shared a clip from the episode and captioned it as ”I will not follow where the path may lead. But I will walk where there is no path and leave a trail …A new journey for Anupamaa DIVORCE – the closing of one chapter and maybe opening a new one…A journey starts when u think one has ended.”. This proves that the duo will be departed and it would start a new chapter in Anupama’s life.


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