This boat is made up of recycled plastic and flip-flops, a great step to protect our environment

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Published by Shifa Naz on 19 Jan 2019

In this era of technology and development, standing against the plastic is a big challenge for the world. A place near the Kenyan island of Lamu, which is a hundred miles from Zanzibar has come up with a water vessel that looks like a boat.

But the important thing to notice about the boat is it’s manufacturing, not just being a colorful model it is actually made up of recycled plastic and flip-flops.


The boat, which is around 30 feet long is purely constructed from recycled plastics of 10 tons and 30,000 numbers of flip-flops and on 24th of January, it will sail to 500 km across the Indian Ocean starting from Lamu to Stone Town.

The leader of the project Dipesh Pabari told the UN Environment, “The main aim is to build on the story of this plastic revolution and to continue to highlight to the world that single-use plastic items are alarming. It’s an opportunity to engage and influence emerging consumer populations in the Indian Ocean region before single-use plastics and a throwaway culture become fully embedded, and to avoid what has happened in developed countries where they are now trying to reverse engineer consumption habits.”


The team has made major efforts to gather plastic from dump sites, they also cleaned up the beaches and used those waste to build the boat. The major parts keel, ribs, and core are made from the plastic, while flip-flops are helping it to look attractive. This is really a great problem for the environment and plastic usage should be minimized as much as possible. The team has done a commendable job to save the environment.

Even in India, Sikkim was the first state to achieve plastic-bag -free status, while Gujarat has totally announced prohibition in the use of plastic in the state.

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