Stray Dog Found Itself Locked Inside A Toilet With A Leopard; Twitter Reacts

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 04 Feb 2021

In a strange episode, a stray dog got locked within a toilet with a leopard. Yes, this is true. Both the animals got locked in the same toiler for around seven hours on Feb 03. A local of Karnataka’s Bilinele rural community discovered the animals and she, at once, locked the door and informed the police officials.

As per Raghavendra, a forest officer, leopards always wish to hit their prey in secret but in this case, it may have been cautious of the dog protecting itself and the lack of a clear escape pathway. The leopard managed to run away, and the dog was saved alive. Locals have recognized the stray dog as Bollu.

The photograph got posted by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan on his Twitter handle. “Every dog has a day. Imagine this dog got stuck in a toilet with a leopard for hours. And got out alive. It happens only in India, via Prajwal Manipal,” he penned.

For a period of seven hours, the animals remained inside the toilet, which is distinct from the main house, as authorities dogged their plan.

In the morning, officials reached the spot, but soon after, crowds started to gather outside the home to have a glimpse of the leopard. Visuals of the episode are being shared extensively, showcasing a number of officials arranging to catch the leopard, and carrying a huge empty cage outside the house in Bilinele.

At the present, Twitter has blown up with side-splitting memes. Some people have called the leopard as the champion for not hitting the dog. Some of the web users praise the dog for surviving the ordeal whereas some kidded that the animals were a perfect instance of social distancing.

The events of wild animals making entry into human residences have been increasing lately.

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