Sunny On Hubby Daniel’s Marriage Proposal: It Was Simple But Exactly The One I Always Wished For

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It might not be the typical love tales we are familiarized with reading in books and enjoying movies, but the tale of how Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel Weber met is just appealing.

Sharing the story on how the two met, Sunny shared in a media talk that they met via Daniel’s bandmate at a club in Las Vegas. For Daniel, it was love at first sight, but the case was not the same for the Bollywood beauty.

She recalled their small discussions but there weren’t any butterflies in the stomach. The actress disclosed that Daniel, by one way or another got her contact number and email ID. She added that in spite of having her contact number, he chose to email her in place of calling and that’s how they began talking.

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While sharing about how her hubby proposed to her, Sunny added that she was looking around for a box to put her ring in. Randomly, Daniel offered her a lovely mahogany box, which was made by him. It said, ‘with love, Daniel.’

Sunny disclosed that she was so pleased with the lovely mahogany box when Daniel just casually stated, “I also have another ring for you!’

As per Sunny, the proposal was really humble and soft, just the same way how she wished it. At the moment, the pair has three delightful children – Nisha, Noah and Asher.

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Actor-entrepreneur Sunny Leone, on the special time of International Women’s day, took to her personal social media handle and shared a video recording to share an unfiltered peek into the trip of her triumph.

The actress also remembered the time when she became the recipient of dislike emails at 21, judgemental and negative remarks and no assistance or proposals from the movie fraternity. As the video proceeded further, Leone added that she managed to get her “dream life” and the list of her successes.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 08 Mar 2021

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