Sunny Leone Broke Into Tears While Filming Her Web Series

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 06 Apr 2019

Sunny Leone is one of the popular actresses who is gearing up for the final session of the web series titled ‘Kinranjit Kaur – The Untold story of Sunny Leone’. This web series talks about Sunny Leone’s life and the actress said that she often breaks in to tears during filming time. She had gone down the memory lane and revisit some dark chapters of her life.

The actress talking about her experience said, “Certainly it was not easy for me to revisit some of the chapters of her life that are dark. She wanted to believe were a nightmare that which would not get very soon. When my mother passed away my father was diagnosed with cancer  and within sometime, Her father was passed away. Sunny leone got married. She got an invitation for Indian television show. There was too much happening in the life of Sunny Leone.”

She further said, “Some of the situations were hurtful and she never ever wanted to visit these memories ever again. During shooting time she broke down so badly . When her husband Daniel Weber felt terrible and helpless when he saw his wife in this condition. He was not able to fix anything in his life. Losing the Sunny Leone parents was to much terrible for her.”

The web series of Sunny Leone reveals that her original name is Kiranjeet Kaur. The web series of Indo Canadian actress will start streaming on ZEE5 OTT platform on Friday. Sunny also appeared in Indian showbiz with television show in Big Boss. Leone has performed in various film such as “Jism 2”,  “Ek Paheli  Leela”, “Raees” and “One night stand”.

Sunny Leone work to hard in order to strike a balance between her professional and personal life, “My boys are just too young, but my daughter Nisha has an inclination towards painting. At the age of two and a half, the way she holds the painting brush, the hand-eye coordination she has and the way she reacts to colours, it is all amazing to notice. We have an art teacher who comes to our house and teaches Nisha painting. She added, “Since this is her natural inclination, we are not really forcing her to become a painter, but just exposing and encouraging her to paint.”

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