Sunny Leone on Mother’s day, “It’s better to tell our kids about COVID-19 than shielding them from reality.”

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Published by Ishani Yadav on 09 May 2021

They say, ‘there is no greater worrier than a mother protecting her child’, that proves there is no one who can love you as your mother does. Sunny Leone is not just a good actress but a great mother of her three children,  Nisha, Asher, and Noah. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sunny reveals how she is taking care of her children during the pandemic.

Sunny goes on to say, “We have explained what the virus is to our children — that we can get very sick and nobody in our house is supposed to get this virus. We have known a few people who have caught the virus and do you remember how sick they’ve got and they had to stay in and how scary it was. I feel it’s better and easier, to tell the truth to our children than shielding them from reality. We have been fortunate enough so far.”

Being a mother Sunny says it’s a very difficult time for the kids during quarantine. She added, “Every single day is different. If I am there in the morning, yes I will have to work in the evenings and daytime. I come back home early for them, and take certain days off during the week so we definitely get quality time together,” she says.

Further, when the interviewer asked her what she expects on this Mother’s day, Sunny replied in the sweetest way saying, “This feeling of ‘Oh! I should get something, feel something different on the day will come later on. As of right now, the day doesn’t mean I get a day off. My children are still very young and need attending to. I remember growing up, my mother would have a day off and nice things would happen. They happen with me too. But my children still need to be fed, taken care of, and doing their clothes and stuff. There are not a lot of people to do that. That responsibility is still there. Maybe later as they grow older, I can get them to start pampering me! But right now, it’s mommy pampering them.”


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