Sunny Leone Opens Up on the Hatred She Faces Each Day; Says Indians in America are Very Backward

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 03 Apr 2019

Sunny Leone is one strong and independent woman. Hailing from the adult industry, she made the switch to Bollywood after featuring in Big Boss. Naturally, Sunny was judged and ridiculed due to her past, but she overcame it all and is one of the most influential actresses today. Speaking in an interview recently, she opened up on being judged by people, acceptance in Bollywood and other personal matters like motherhood.

When quizzed on how she felt in the industry now as compared to when she was a newcomer, Sunny honestly confessed her feeling. “First of all, everything is amazing and exciting now. If you stick around for a long time at the same place, people feel she is not going anywhere, so it’s okay to accept her. I think I was in people’s face all the time through work, social media or different entertainment platforms, so that progression will naturally happen.”

The Canadian born actress once said in an interview that she was scared of being judged in India. When asked how she felt now regarding the same, she said, “I think you are judged anywhere and everywhere, people will ridicule and say horrible things about you no matter what. For me in the beginning, I knew nothing about young India or how things work here; I only knew what my parents told me about India or what I experienced in America.”

“The Indians in America are completely different than the Indians here, they live in a bubble there, they have tied themselves to backward India, while India has moved forward but they are still somewhere back so many years, because they are in such a foreign land, they are trying to hold on the ideologies or cultural values, their religion, they are trying to hold on whatever they can, so they don’t lose it” said Sunny.

She further added, “I had gone through so many hate emails, so much negativity from the Indian community there at a very young age. At that age you are getting so much hate, you don’t know what to do with it, so all I did was I digested and said I have got nothing to do with anything they are saying. Bollywood and Indian community was a very difficult process for me, their feelings were mean and hurtful, it was horrible, it’s in season one Karenjeet you guys can see it.”

When Sunny was quizzed whether motherhood had changed her life, she continued by saying, “I think it’s the most amazing part of my life, it’s very fulfilling, Nisha is such an angel, so beautiful, just her entering and giving me a hug and kiss is the world’s best feeling, that itself makes my day, I just become naturally happy when I see her and my boys”.

It is obvious that despite all the fame, Sunny has remained grounded after all the success and she is truly an inspiration for women in our society.

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