Sunny Shares Video Of Artwork Created By Her Along With Kids Noah, Asher & ‘Baby Picasso’ Nisha

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For a mother, the proudest moments in her life are related to their children. When the children do something extraordinary, the mothers feel heavenly. Celeb moms are no different and it is evident from Sunny Leone’s social media posts. Sunny has shared yet another glimpse of an artwork created jointly by herself and her children. A video has been posted by Sunny on Instagram where she poses happily with artwork that she has made with the help of her children Noah, Asher, and Nisha Kaur Weber.

Sunny has shared proofs of Nisha’s artistic skills with the fans earlier too and she calls her daughter “baby Picasso” being impressed by her talent. The caption given to the video reveals that the piece of artwork made in the center is by Nisha while the others are made by Sunny with help of Noah and Asher. The proud mommy called it a “team effort.”

The proud mamma captioned the post as: “My little baby Picasso Nisha made the one in the center and I made the ones on the sides. Noah and Asher helped a little.” She signed off the post saying, “Team effort.”

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are in Los Angeles since the pandemic has arrived. Sunny has posted a number of pictures and videos of in-house painting sessions during this period. A few days ago, she posted a picture of a painting, which she made with Nisha.

Earlier, she also shared photos of six paintings that they made on a weekend. It was known from Sunny’s caption that it was a gift for someone whom she mentioned as their “best friend Aunty Marci” on her birthday. The pictures were, needless to say, very adorable and the paintings too touched the hearts of lakhs of followers as they showered likes.

Nisha was adopted by Sunny and Daniel from a children’s home in Maharashtra. Asher and Noah were welcomed in their life in the year 2018.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 05 Oct 2020

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