Sushmita Sen’s daughter Renee speaks about being asked about her ‘real mother’

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Published by Swathy S on 08 Jul 2021

Renee Sen, daughter of former beauty queen and actor Sushmita Sen, has talked about being asked whether she would like to know who her ‘real mother’ is. Renee and her sister, Aaliyah were adopted by Sushmita Sen.

Renee Sen had made her acting debut in Suttabaazi, the short film and told in an interview that the ‘big Bollywood debut’ will soon happen.

Speaking to PeepingMoon, she was asked if the conversation of being adopted has crossed the line and she told, “You know, on my Instagram, I was asked this questions: ‘Who’s your real mother?’ I would just like to say, ‘please define real mother’. What is a ‘real mother?'”.

“See, I understand that people are interested in our lives, in what we eat. It’s fine, but I do feel like people need to be nicer to each other. My truth is very out and open. But what if it’s someone else? We don’t know how it’ll affect them. So, yes, I feel like we must be a little sensitive. For me, it’s different, because I’ve grown up with this… For me, it doesn’t matter. But for someone else who wants to keep their life private, we don’t know how your question can affect them. Let’s not ask until a person tell you themselves”, she added.

In an earlier interview with Rajeev Masand, Sushmita told that when Renee turned 16, she put forward to locate her biological parents. She said, “there is information in an envelope which is only rightfully hers after she turns 18” and told her that “I’ll take you whenever you’re ready… we must go” to which Renee replied that “But why do you want me to go find out?”.

Turning 18, Renee told Sushmita that she does not have any interest to know the details of her biological parents.

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