A Swiggy Delivery Guy Spotted On A Horse Ride, Netizens Go LOL, While Swiggy Has An Epic Reply

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Published by Shifa Naz on 30 Jan 2019

Ordering food online has become a trend these days and among the top names is Swiggy. The company was founded in 2014 and it has its headquarters in Bengaluru. But now it serves in entire India. From ordering food online to delivering it to the doors, it facilitates us the most.

Recently, Swiggy has been grabbing users attention apart from its formal services and netizens are going ROFL. With a horse and a man sitting on it, people are calling that Swiggy has a new mode of transportation as the picture depicts the same.

Apart from all, the funniest response was given by Swiggy itself, they wrote, ” Khana de jaenge, Dil le jaenge”.

Now let us take the experience of the ongoing laughter session on social media on this hilarious post.

Different Facebook users are writing comments and giving us Loads of Laughter.

One Facebook user wrote, “Swiggy, not only Delivers Food, Single Power but also Protects from Cold”, while another user wrote, “Eco-friendly mode of transport.”

While that was the session we had in Facebook, now comes the brand capturing moment includes enormous tweets ain Twitter platform and Swiggy’s response on Twitter was also noticeable as they had the filmy touch on their response.

Swiggy official handle reads as “Bilkul Aur hum deliver karte rahenge, Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan.”

We really enjoyed the laughter plus filmy Tashan of Swiggy responses on social media, another worth reading tweet was, “Rishte Sirf Khoon se hi Nahi hote….. Khaane Khilaane se Bhi bante hai” Humara tumhara bhi Rishta hai, Mein Khaane waala, Tum Khilaane waale”

And Swiggy’s retorted tweet reads as, ” Aur Yeh Rishta hum Kabhi Nahi todenge. Har order k sath apka dil hum jeetenge.Yeh waada hai humara.Aur waade hum hamesha nibhayenge”

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