Taapsee Pannu says Kangana Ranaut is ‘too irrelevant in my life’ and ‘doesn’t miss her’ after her Twitter ban

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Published by Swathy S on 29 Jun 2021

Actor Taapsee Pannu told that she doesn’t miss the absence of Kangana Ranaut on the Twitter platform, and shared that she is ‘irrelevant’ in her personal life. Kangana and her sister, Rangoli Chandel often criticizes Taapsee addressing her as ‘sasti copy (cheap knockoff)’.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Taapsee says “No, I don’t miss her. I didn’t miss her, or want her, also before. She’s too irrelevant for me, in my personal life. She’s an actor, she’s a colleague in that respect. But more than that, she doesn’t hold any relevance in my life. I don’t have any feelings for her, good or bad. And I think hate and love both come from the heart. If you hate someone, it comes from the heart. But the worst is when you don’t care, when you’re indifferent towards that person, when that person doesn’t hold any value or relevance in your life. I think that’s the worst feeling a person can have for the other. And that is that, so it doesn’t matter to me”.

Recently Rangoli Chandel has tweeted on Taapsee’s photos of her vacation in Russia and criticized her by saying “What is not cool to be a creepy fan who obsessively not just copies every interview and looks style but whole work model but on a small scale and goes on to make unkind and mean remarks about the legend, again today when I see this I wonder copy look ok fine but to claim to be the one who made sari cool hmmm you aren’t getting away with this honey @taapsee”.

Kangana’s and Rangoli’s remarks on Taapsee date back to a couple of years. In an interaction with PTI in 2019, Taapsee told “Those who matter to you, matter to you. For me, she (Kangana) is a very good actress, she was and she still is… But other than this, she doesn’t affect me in my life. It doesn’t affect me, what she says. There are a lot of people saying a lot of things on my Twitter timeline”.

Taapsee Pannu will be seen in the film ‘Haseen Dillruba’ on Friday.


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