Taapsee Pannu reveals that she DM’d Robert Downey Jr. but got no reply, says, “I’ve more follower than you”

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 06 Jul 2021

Actor Taapsee Pannu who has recently got her movie ‘Haseen Dilruba’ released on Netflix, last Friday played a live detector test with co-star Vikrant Massey. Where she revealed that she had DM’d Hollywood’s Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. once and never received any reply.

Recently, Netflix released a promotional video on Youtube for the latest Bollywood movie release ‘Haseen Dilruba’, where Taapsee Pannu and co-star Vikrant Massey were taking up the lie detector test. The actors asked each other many questions which and they were supposed to answer, the lie was detected by the lie detector. Vikrant asked Taapsee if she has ever slid into anyone’s DMs who do not follow her. To which Taapsee agreed and said, “So, I DM’d Robert Downey Jr and no one replied. I was like I have more followers than you also!”

Although she didn’t mention on which social media platform this happened. Robert Downey Jr has 50.7 million followers on Instagram and 16.4 million followers on Twitter. Whereas Taapsee on the other hand has about 18.8 million followers on Instagram and 4.6 followers on Twitter.

Later, moving forward in the game, Taapsee asked Vikrant if he has googled himself ever, to which Vikrant denied. The lie detector alarmed about his lie and they both burst into laughter.

Apart from the movie promotions, Taapsee was also caught on tweeter, responding to her movie critics. Haseen Dilruba has received mixed reviews and it was highlighted that it glorifies ‘toxic masculine love’. Taapsee replied to the tweets by saying her movie is only a mirror reflection of society.

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