Taimur Ali Khan’s look alike found, Zaryan Thapar is as adorable as little Tim

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 27 Oct 2021

Taimur ali khan is the toddler-charm who rules the Instagram with his overloaded cuteness and chubbiness, and is all over social media all day. Taimur is currently 4-years old but already has dozens of fans pages with tons of followers. he marks a great-leap forward from the other dozen of star kids and their fan pages.

He is already a superstar. Each time paparazzi snapped him, he waved at them, captivating everyone’s sight. The fact trapped in the media’s hall of mirrors, will make everyone spin their heads along with their eye-balls, is hard to tell what’s real anymore.

The shutterbugs recently encapsulated ‘a replica’ of Taimur ali khan. a cute little munchkin, named, Zaryan Thapar is catching the attention of media because of his noticeable and staggering appearance with Taimur.  This little mirror image of Taimur ali strongly resembles him, including his rosy, chubby, puffy cheeks. Zaryan Thapar is literally a ‘cute bundle of joy’ as he is seen flashing his dazzling smile.

The paparazzi spotted and shared a collage of junior Nawab and Zaryan, where Taimur was wearing a casual-T and Zaryan wore a floral print kurta. On Wednesday morning, as soon as the photo striked the Instagram, the post went viral receiving oozy-woozy compliments leaving the fans in-awe!

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