Taimur Enjoys A Tour With Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor At Their Ancestral Pataudi Village

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Published by Isha Kataria on 13 Mar 2019

Taimur is known as the most adorable star kid in the B-Town. The little munchkin has managed to earn massive popularity with his looks and styles. Moreover, he has become the favorite of the paparazzi and is counted among the most papped kids by the shutterbugs. Currently, a new video has flooded the social media from Saif and Kareena’s recent stay in Pataudi. In the video, the couple is seen taking a walk around his ancestral town. Along with them, their son Taimur Ali Khan also joins his parents.


Recently the trio of Nawab family visited their ancestral village. Saif Ali Khan decided to take a tour of Pataudi village with wife Kareena Kapoor and son Taimur. And now the internet is surfaced with cutest videos from their trip. In one of the videos, Taimur is seen feeding cows with his mommy, Kareena. Further, the family visits a mosque in the village to make their son familiar with royal history. Take a look at the videos below:



Interestingly, as soon as the family arrived in the village, everyone gathered there to meet the most cutest boy of the B-Town. Another video that went viral on the internet in which Kareena is seen making Taimur wear his shoes. Their fans are loving these videos. Check out the same video below:

Earlier in an interview, Kareen talked about balancing her professional and personal life. The gorgeous actress stated, “I love doing nothing and being at home, just with my son, Taimur. But again, I also know that I can’t always do that. So, the idea is to find that balance. Strangely and honestly, I’ve found the perfect balance between my personal and professional life. For instance, if I’m working back-to-back for four-five days, I take the next two-three days off because I want that downtime. I need to have my family and friends around because my life revolves around them. I need to feel like a human being. I can’t treat myself like a robot because this industry and the atmosphere pushes you to become one. People are always on the go — if you’re not at work or a set, you’re on digital platforms like Instagram and Twitter or talking somewhere and giving your comments.”

Further, Kareena Kapoor also talked about Taimur already being a star and the fan clubs that are running on his name. She said, “I don’t like that at all, neither does Saif. As parents we are scared. I’d want my son to grow up as normally as possible. Saif’s even more particular about this. He wants Taimur to grow up, away from the eye of the paparazzi and the film scenario. Because Saif himself didn’t grow up in a filming atmosphere, although his mother was an actress. His father (the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) as we know, belonged to the cricketing world. But in today’s time, it’s tough. But I do wish he didn’t get photographed as much.”

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