Tamilnadu’s small village Madathattuvilai has the highest number of eye donors

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Published by Shifa Naz on 18 Jan 2019

Tamilnadu is all ready to give us a great example of serving others. The Madathattuvilai village in Kanyakumari district is making records of becoming the highest body and eye donors in the state. As per the reports, 229 citizens of the village have donated their eyes for the previous 11 years making it the only village which is creating awareness of eye and body donation.

Whenever a life is lost, the village follows a great process, from informing the relatives to the team of the eye hospital who goes to the person and attentively get his eye for saving and making the life better of another person.

The process is not an easy walk, as earlier during 2007 the citizens were not ready to donate their eye and other body parts. But the youth group president of the church named as F X Aruno Xavier told to the Times Of India that earlier the elders were not willing with a thought of, ” as they feared that they would not be able to see God in their afterlife”.

The Holy Family Federation, a church unit, is handling and managing the eye donation camp. V Auslin, The head of the Holy Family Federation said, “We were earlier donating eyes to a private hospital in Nagercoil. But some time ago their staff showed some reluctance. This should affect the spirit of the donors family as eye should be donated within six hours. We started donating to a private hospital in Tirunelveli from then.”

The whole village took years to understand the importance of eye donation but after the huge efforts around 1500 people enrolled, including the majority of youngsters. In June 2007, Mariya Sebastian, 52, a differently abled person, enlisted as the first donor. On the same year, eight other donations were recorded.

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