Tanishaa Mukerji opens up about marriage plans; ‘eager to find someone whom she can be bored with, says Tanishaa Mukherji

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Published by Simnan on 11 Mar 2022

After Tanishaa Mukerji’s love affair with Armaan Kohli, her fans have been excited to know about Tanishaa Mukerji’s next love interest. Regardless, the actress has always avoided talking about her personal life.

In a recent interview with a news publication, Tanishaa expressed that falling in love is very thrilling when it is new but she is more eager to find someone whom she can be bored with.

Speaking about keeping her guards up when it came to her personal life, Tanishaa opened up that she has been deliberately keeping her life hidden. The actress also said that when she chooses to get married, she will heartily announce it to the world.

Heightening further, Tanishaa added that for now she just wants to concentrate on her work completely. The actress expressed that she is right now busy developing projects to produce as well as reading scripts to act in. As far as acting is deemed, the actress reinforced that she would like to play a grey character with many layers.

Rolling some beans on the OTT platform, Tanishaa announced that it has opened up the minds of the audiences and therefore opened up the opportunity for women to play many multi-layered characters. The actress put in that she would like to see more female producers and directors producing and directing big films.

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