Tara Sharma Saluja, responds for children vaccination before the masterstroke of the third wave of COVID-19 

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 19 Jun 2021

After the second wave of COVID-19 takes stride, the third wave is slowly getting on the people. This swing reported affecting the children most. The actor-host Tara Sharma Saluja shows her concern as the mother of two boys,  Zen (11) and Kai (9).

She speaks“What happened here during the second wave has been very unfortunate. But, as we are coming through, children need to be vaccinated now,” she insists, adding, “The whole short term economics is important, but long term, we must remember that children are the foundation of the country and the way forward. I feel very strongly about this. There are worries about third wave and children getting affected more. So, their vaccination process needs to be looked at soon.”

Moreover, “In Canada, they are starting to vaccinate children. We should have a parallel vaccination drive where kids are given the jab, and they can get back to some form of normalcy,”

It’s been more than a year since the whole nation has been in an unwanted halt in every sphere partially or fully, the vaccination of the people over 45 years are yet not completed, “That needs to be speed up. Health comes first, and by that I mean health for all. Now we have the opportunity to may be import a lot of vaccines and get our kids vaccinated, too. I know parents were relieved that in the first and second wave, children were not infected. We can’t just sit and wait now.”

Referring to her concerns about schools, as it remained shut for a long year now, “All of last year, very little was discussed about children and education. Everybody was okay to say the elderly should be prioritised. My sister lives in the UK, and there, her children only missed one and a half months of physical schools.”

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