TBT to Aamir Khan’s viral video of pasting posters on auto rickshaws

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 12 May 2021

Mr Perfectionist of the industry Mr Aamir khan in his struggling years worked hard to achieve succes. One of Aamir’s video had gone viral in which he could be seen pasting posters of his film ‘Qayamat se Qayamat tak’ on auto rickshaws with his friends. In an old interview he shared these memories. The film was not Aamir’s debut but definitely a movie which gave him Stardom, movie also stars Juhi Chawla. Film was released in 1988 and was an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

In the video Aamir is seen with co-actor Raj Zutshi¬† pasting posters on rickshaws. Aamir could be seen stopping the auto drivers and asking permission to paste the posters. The video plays voiceover by aamir as “Zutshi, me, Mansoor and his sister Nuzhat, we would all get into our cars, get on the road, stop taxis and autos. We would tell them ‘Stick these, our film is coming out soon’. Some would agree to it but others would not. They would ask us which film is it? Who is in it? Who is Aamir Khan? I would tell them I am Aamir Khan. We tried a lot that people would get to know about our movie.”

The video received love and appreciation by Aamir’s fans. The original video is an Interview of Aamir Khan in a show called ‘Leheren’.

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