A Bihar teacher teaching her student using music is a must watch, Big B applauds her on Twitter

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Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Jan 2019

Teaching is considered to be one of the noblest profession which can bring a great change in your life. The base of an individual is prepared by a teacher only and a good teacher can definitely motivate you and inculcate the energy of learning and push you up to reach your aim.

You must be thinking why am I discussing on teachers in spite we are not near to Teacher’s Day, so to clear your doubt, let me unfold the fact. A teacher from Bihar is teaching in a very friendly way. Keeping all the students engaged with learning, this teacher is helping children to learn by using music and songs.


Bringing a new way of teaching, she has devised a new technique to teach the difference between vowels and consonants. See it might be useful to you.

This video is shared by Kumar Vishwas a Twitter user, and the teacher can be seen singing out of the vowels so that students can enjoy their learning session.

Twitter user Vishwas who tagged Shashi Tharoor in his tweet, wrote, “Kash ki hamein ‘vowels’ aur ‘consonants’ aise kisi musical guruji ne padhae hote toh hum Bhi Aaj Shashi Tharoor babu ki Tarah farraate maar ke angrezi bol rahe hote. (I wish we were taught ‘vowels’ and ‘consonants’ by such a musical teacher, even we would have spoken English just as well as Shashi Tharoor does).”

The video is going viral and even was noticed by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, who went on his official account to applaud this effort made by her.

In this era, teaching has become easier through various techniques but this tactic of learning through music has become quite impressive. Earlier our teachers used to teach us vowels which include all five vowels, ‘a,e, i,o,u’ without the use of any songs but using Angika dialect to make education full of music sounds really interesting.

Teachers are the best guidance an individual can ever get and in such a friendly way is just icing the cake.

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