Apple iPhone’s users declining than OnePlus phones users and the reason is pretty valid

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Published by Shifa Naz on 15 Jan 2019

The American tech giant firm Apple is going not so well in the market value, apart from its earlier loss, the company is unable to recover and raise hike among its customer. The rising manufacturing of Android and cheaper mobile phones is one of the bigger reason and big competition for the company. And especially in India, OnePlus is the leading brand that is downfalling apple’s market in India.

Timothy Arcuri, UBS analysts after his survey said, “For iPhone, purchase intention was down across the board, most significantly in the U.S. and China — the U.S. back to a 5-year low (iPhone 6S levels) and China now at a new low.”

According to latest research from Honk-Kong, sales of iPhones in India fell flat 50%, which was 3.2 in 2017, and gone down to 1.7 in 2018. But the major reason that is under consideration that OnePlus has emerged as strong competition, Tarun Pathak told Quartz.

“Based on the survey, this is largely related to particularly weak iPhone XR demand — a notion matched by ongoing downward XR revisions in the supply chain,” he said.

Analyst Jun Zhang said in his report, “We have lowered our calendar first-quarter 2019 iPhone shipment estimates twice over the last two months.”

“We currently forecast Apple will produce about 39 million units and ship about 39 million units for the March quarter. Although we are at the low end of consensus iPhone estimates, we believe the Street will continue to trim down their estimates,” he added in his statement.

The rates of iPhones are one of the biggest reason that its users are moving towards cheaper android phones. In 2018, Apple has down the value of Rs 28,000 in shares while OnePlus made a number of users as it’s reliable customers. Among the premium smartphones, Shenzen brand holds around 37% market share in India.

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