Katrina Kaif opens up on being insecure about her looks, reasons why she chose not to model for her own brand

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 13 Nov 2021

Actress Katrina Kaif, who has recently been in the news for her secret relationship with actor Vicky Kaushal, was seen spilling the beans on her personal, childhood stories and understandings, which has actually left her fans all baffled. Katrina was recently seen in Rohit Shetty’s new release ‘Sooryavanshi’, in a titular role with Akshay Kumar. The actress was also spotted walking up to various reality shows for the promotion of the same.

In an interview regarding the same-Katrina spoke about what her perspective of ‘beauty has been so far. She said, earlier in her life, she felt conscious of her looks and wondered about the way she appeared to others. She found her features to be ‘imperfect’. 

In a conversation with Cosmopolitan India, Katrina Kaif talked about how she tried to match & live up to the societal beauty standards when she was young. As a kid, her idea of beauty always revolved around the models she saw in the magazine.

Quoting the actress’ statement, “I grew up thinking that there is just one kind of beauty—it was what you saw in the magazines, and if you didn’t conform to that, then you didn’t cut it. I used to be rather conscious about the way I looked because I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. Today, people might find that admission a little strange, but back then, I felt that there were things about my features that were not ‘perfect’. I realise now that I was the one putting this pressure on myself.” 

However having reached the position she is in today, her words are quite inadmissible for the audience.

The actress says that she has lately learnt the pressure beauty standards impose on one individual and with time her vision changed. Besides, Katrina revealed that this is the reason why she personally chooses the women who would appear in her personal brand’s campaigns. Katrina believes that there is no fixed parameter to look beautiful and says “there is no one type of beauty—no specific skin tone or shape or features. Every single person is unique and that’s what I want to show.”

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