A Philippino Couple Got Thermocol Wedding Cake After Spending 5 Lacs On Catering

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 09 Jan 2019

The wedding industry of Rs 300,000 crore is developing very fast with every passing year. The previous year was packed with VIP weddings and fills in as evidence enough of the way that individuals truly pull out all the stops for their exceptional day. A Philippino couple did absolutely this just to have it blowback. Here’s how!

Hailing from Pasig City in Manila, Philippines a couple spent 140,000 pesos (5 lakh Indian Rupees) on wedding catering. Be that as it may, they didn’t inspire the wonderful passage to soothe the guests at their fantasy wedding. Truth be told, they were given poor administration and thermocol cake!

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However, News 18 shared as reported by Metro UK that Shine Tamayo and her spouse John Chen were left humiliated when they came to know that the wedding reception caterers did not arrange any food for the guests.

Without wasting another moment they quickly came up with the idea to order noodles from over the roadside stalls and serve them. Now when they think everything sorted out, the wedding just went downhill from that point.

The lovebirds cut the mouthwatering ‘looking’ wedding cake and found out it was made out of made of polystyrene froth or more usually known as thermocol. That’s right, you’ve most likely utilized the stuff to create projects in high school.

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The bride can’t hold her tears and broke down as for any bride, the D-day is the most important one. The pair at that point made a beeline for the police straightaway with the wedding organizer close behind. Here’s where they are making their disappointment known to the police.

Regardless of whether the cooks were trick specialists or it was the wedding organizer who was to blame still stays misty. By the by, the cops charged the wedding organizer who is anticipating preliminary, with misrepresentation. This arrangement of awful occasions made the lady portray it as “One of the most noticeably bad days of her life.”

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