These Latest Game Of Thrones season Pictures Truly Proves That Its Going To be A Thriller

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Published by Isha Kataria on 07 Mar 2019

Games of Thrones, Season 8 has created a huge buzz among the netizens. Earlier, HBO dropped the first big trailer for the new and final season of Game of Thrones. While it may be of only and while it may only two minutes long, there’s a lot going on that you might have missed. GOT Season 8 will soon air in next month. And prior a month an Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the exclusive looks of all our favorite characters.

Check out the photoshoot of GOT legends from season 8:

1. Cersei

2. Sansa

3. All hail the King of the North

4. Dany’s blue eyes slays it all!

5. Night King’s blue irises send chills down our spines


6. These battle scars and that sneer will amaze you

7. Arya, the fiercest Stark, is quite the dark horse.

8. All excited for Lannister

9. Brienne’s journey is the most-awaited

10. Bran warging his way into the Ice Dragon’s mind

11. Everyone is excited to know whether Grey Worm and Missandei willl ever meet again?

12.The battlee sequence with these brothers would be more iconic than a clash of the clans.

13. Curiousity is all about the story arc of Danerys’s most trusted advisors.

14. The Greyjoys only spell out trouble

15. Ser Davos

16. Sam and Gilly soon find out who’s to become of the heir of the King beyond the wall.

These photoshoot covers are giving us clear vibes that the season is going to be a thriller. We are just waiting for the final six episodes of the last season.

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