When Thor aka Chris Hemsworth kissed a cow while holidaying in India

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Published by Shruti Nair on 13 Aug 2021

Chris Hemsworth has thoroughly enjoyed his visits to India and his love for having an absolutely authentic experience is something his fans are very well aware of. The picture which he posted on Instagram and Twitter is proof of how much fun this Australian actor and his wife had on their current trip. From having an opportunity to spend time with the Tibetan nomads and kissing a cow Chris and Elsa seem to be having so much fun!

The Instagram pictures that the couples shared radiate the joy and happiness that they are experiencing.

This is not Chris Hemsworth’s first trip to India, he was in the country back in 2016. He was here this time to shoot his OTT film “Extraction”

and this visit has attained quite some attention because of the pictures of the trip, one specific picture which he posted on Instagram where he is kissing a cow. His Indian fans were more than thrilled and happy to see him having so much fun in India.

Other than “Extraction” this Australian actor will also be filming his next Marvel Movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” which is only one of the many promising projects which the fans are eagerly awaiting.

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