Throwback to when BTS members had naan, curry and tofu; Indian ARMY were happy to see them try Indian cuisines

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Published by Swathy S on 22 Jul 2021

The most loved and famous South Korean pop band BTS have a massive fan following across the globe. Even though the K-pop group hasn’t come to India, it appears that they have already got the chance to taste some popular dishes of the Indian cuisine.

In Bon Voyage season 4 (the TV program that shows BTS group travelling around the world), the viewers saw that the BTS members has traveled to New Zealand in 2019. A video went viral in which the group can be seen having Indian food during their stay. The BTS were spotted eating naan, curry and tofu in behind-the-scenes clips from from the Bon Voyage episodes.

In one video, J-Hope was seen tearing a piece of naan and dipping it in the curry. In another video, Jimin and Jungkook were spotted speaking about a dish. Jimin was heard asking Jungkook, “The tofu tastes like milk” to which he replied that “I think it’s tofu but it’s tastes like milk” when Jimin offered the same to Jungkook where he looks a bit confused.

The South Asian fans responded to the BTS group that they were eating paneer when they were not able to identify the dish.

The BTS members have told their Indian fans that they will come to India once the situation gets beck to normal.

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