Throwback pictures of Taimur, Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan reveal how similar the royal kids look

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 16 Oct 2019

Taimur Ali Khan, the son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor is the darling of paparazzi. Despite being just two years old, he commands more attention than many celebs. People want to know what the toddler is upto, and that’s why pictures of the star kid go viral every time he steps out.

Kareena recently attended the MAMI festival where she revealed a very funny thing about her son. She said, “He(Taimur) thinks paps are his friends. But when I want to take his photo, he says ‘Amma, no pictures.” Meanwhile, her husband Saif Ali Khan also revealed that Taimur is now tired of getting pictured.

He said, “Taimur is very happy, he is the least interested… No pictures please, he started saying it as well. He doesn’t like being photographed.”

Today, we decided to compile throwback pictures of Taimur’s siblings Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan and compare them to Taimur’s current pics, and we were shocked seeing how similar all three siblings look to each other.

This picture here, shows Sara with her baby brother Ibrahim. She looks so cute and protective towards her little newborn brother.

Sara posted these pictures on Saif’s birthday and honestly, we could not thank her enough for these lovely snaps from the past. She looks ever-adorable but my oh my a young Saif Ali Khan is an absolute delight to watch.

Another old picture of baby Sara and her little brother Ibrahim. Just look at these two bundles of joy and your day will brighten up instantly.

This picture gives us the perspective of how the siblings Sara, Ibrahim have grown up and how Taimur resembles both of them, when Sara and Ibrahim too, were kids.

And this is the perfect family picture. No more words to explain the warmth, you can almost feel it.

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