Throwback to when Salman Khan defended Aamir Khan against “rumors of his affair”

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 04 May 2021

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have worked only once in a film titled ‘Andaz Apna Apna,’ those were very initial days for both in the industry, Salman and Aamir were not as good friends as they are now, back then in an interview when a question was asked about Rumours of Aamir having an affair, Salman Khan came forward to help colleague Aamir and replied that they were all about him.

In an old interview, Salman Khan was asked to give a gossip on the rumours of Aamir Khan’s affairs’. Defending Aamir, Salman said, “Woh Aamir ke baare mein nahin woh mere baare mein affairs ke hain (Those rumours are not about Aamir, they’re about me).”  Salman further said about aamir that he has a very clean character and would never do these things, he said,  “Aamir has got this really clean image. I don’t know how he manages it. Because he is married first of all. He has this really sweet look. He says it all the time that ‘I love my wife’, ‘I am crazy about my wife’… so bach jaata hai woh (so he saves himself) He’s gonna kill me.”.

Raveena Tandon who was also part of the movie, in an interview with Hindustan Times said about her co-stars that,  “It was fun as while we were shooting, none of us was speaking to each other. Sabke jhagade chal rahe the (everyone was fighting). Aamir and Salman weren’t talking to each other, Karisma and I wasn’t talking and neither were Salman and Rajji. I don’t know how that film got made. But, it shows we are damn good actors (laughs). The boys tried to bring Karisma and me together. In fact, in the climax, there’s a scene where Karishma and I are tied to a pillar. Rajji said, “We won’t untie you unless you talk to one another. It was all so funny. I remember, while shooting scenes, we would all genuinely laugh a lot as the dialogues were so hilarious. Hamne maze bhi kiye aur jhagde bhi kiye (We all laughed and fought too).”

Andaz Apna Apna was released in the year 1994, over three decades the film has got recognition in the new generation, few of the film dialogues and situation are a major part of the Indian Meme World.

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