Throwback!! Hrithik Roshan had misjudged Aishwariya Rai Bachchan for just a pretty face without talent

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Published by Shafali Nagar on 10 Jan 2022

According to media reports, Krrish actor Hrithik Roshan had once admitted that he had misjudged Aishwariya Rai Bachchan as just being a pretty face without any talent while promoting an action film titled Dhoom 3.

In an interview with, Hrithik said “I have to say that I judge Aishwariya wrong….sometimes beauty just takes over so much of the other talents.  Adding more details, he said she’s someone with a lot more mettle than what just shows on her face.” Also, in the same interview, he said he was delighted to see her dedication on sets and praised her for her focus, approach to work, and called her a thinking actress.

Later, when the actress was asked about Krrish actor, in an interview with Subhash Jha, she said he has been a special co-star and has shared a fantastic rapport that gets translated into wonderful chemistry on screen.” Further, she added, “I’m overwhelmed when I hear them sharing childhood memories of the parties that the two attended together, and all three of us had a ball during the film Dhoom 3.

As we all know, they are childhood friends and this is also the reason why Aishwariya had a comfort level with the actor. Also, their friendship goes a long way back to her initial days in the film industry.

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